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Let life be beautiful like summer flowers
and death like autumn leaves

Rabindranath Tagore said, “Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves,” knowing that life and death is part of us all, just like spring and autumn is part of nature. At Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group, we assist to arrange funerals that celebrate a loved one’s spring and autumn once they have passed away. This elite funeral group provides services where care, compassion and dignity can be seen in every aspect. Funeral homes are there to support you in arranging a fitting final farewell during a very emotional time in your life. Sonja Smith is particular about providing only the best of care, and your funeral arrangements are in excellent hands.

About Us

The Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group was founded by Sonja Smith herself. They have been providing funeral services since 2006. Sonja Smith has been in the funeral industry since 1998. She identified a need for specialist niche funeral services that offer bereaved families a unique and personalized one-stop service.

“Weereens het julle ons bygestaan in ‘n ondenkbare tyd. Mens wil nie hierdie goeddoen nie, maar van een ding is ons almal seker. Ons gaan doodgaan. Baie dankie vir die sorg en grasie waarmee julle ons bygestaan het. Tot Weersiens”

Beatrix Henzen

“Baie dankie vir wat julle vir ons beteken het in hierdie moeilike tyd. Ons hoef amper net opgedaag het. Julle respek, deernis en ondersteuning is van ontelbare waarde. Dankie, vir die bystand.”

Phyffer / Grobler familie

Our Services

At Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group, we assist with all aspects of the funeral arrangements and bringing the deceased into our care.

We can assist you with all the arrangements required for organising a traditional or personalised funeral, or for cremation and a memorial service. You can entrust us with all the practical arrangements, from providing a casket to arranging flowers and programmes.

We value your trust.

Baby and Infant Funerals

The death of a child is one of the most distressing events that can happen to a family, especially if it is the first time that you are involved in arranging a funeral. You might look back at this time and wish that you had known, then, the choices available to you. In hindsight, many things might have been done differently. Planning the funeral service can become the final act of caring for your child and will enable you to feel that you have some element of control in your life. Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group is here to assist you with these funeral arrangements.

Sonja Smith is also championing The Voice of the Unborn Baby case. This case seeks to ensure that when a stillbirth or miscarriage happens before the baby is 26 weeks old, the parents still have the option to bury or cremate their baby. At the moment, these babies are regarded as medical waste and dealt with accordingly.

Planning a Funeral
for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

After a loved one passes away, there are a multitude of arrangements to be made. This is also a very emotional time and dealing with the logistics of funeral arrangements is not necessarily
how you want to spend this period of mourning. It can be a very difficult task.  Sonja Smith Funeral Group supports you by taking care of all the practical arrangements to ensure a final farewell with care,
compassion and dignity.

Preplanning your funeral is an activity that many people might find uncomfortable at first, but it will greatly support your family after you passed away.

Your Life File

What if you were to die today?  Will you leave chaos, confusion and havoc behind? Will your family know where to find your Last Will and Testament? Will they be able to make sense of all your documents? Will your Executor or Next-of-Kin have access to your personal and core documents?

EVERYBODY should have a LIFE FILE containing all their important documents, eg. Copies of Last Will & Testament, ID-document, Marriage Certificate, Motor Vehicle Registration documents, etc.

There could be 42 items on your list! If you do not have a LIFE FILE, you will leave your loved ones in utter chaos if something should happen to you.

You can request an example of the List of Documents required for a LIFE FILE from us.  You can also order a life file from us online.

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Want to help a grieving friend? Let them be sad.⁣ Really. ⁣Sadness is a natural response to loss, hardship, and death. It just is.⁣And it's hard to know what to do when your friends are hurting. It sucks to see someone you love in pain. The thing is, you can’t cheer someone up by telling them to look on the bright side, or by giving them advice. It just doesn’t work.⁣⁣⁣⁣The trick is to lean into your helplessness in the face of your friend’s pain. Your job, honestly, is to feel awkward and stay there anyway. Just hang right out with their pain.⁣⁣⁣⁣When things are dark, it's ok to be dark. Really. Not every corner needs the bright light of encouragement. In a similar vein, don't encourage someone to have #gratitude for good things that happened to them in the past or good things that still exist. ⁣Example: We recently we saw someone respond to grieving person's comment about their sadness by telling them to shove down all the "bad feelings" and think about the good things they still have in their life. ⁣NO! ⁣First of all, just say no to unsolicited advice. When someone talks to you about how hard this is, notice your impulse to jump in with a solution, and then DON'T DO IT. Most of the time people are simply looking for acknowledgment about how awful this situation is. ⁣Second, good things and horrible things occupy the same space; they don't cancel each other out.⁣ Sadness is healthy. Telling someone to look on the bright side or appreciate what they still have just tells them you're not someone they can talk with about their pain. ⁣⁣⁣Instead, mirror their reality back to them. When they say, "This sucks," say, "Yes, it does." It may seem too simple, but it's amazing how much that simple acknowledgement helps.⁣ It is an unfathomable relief to have a friend who will sit with you and let you feel exactly how you feel.⁣⁣⁣For more tips on how to give the support you intend, visit or check out my first book, It's OK that You're Not OK. More info and ordering links here at ... See MoreSee Less
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A living funeral, often arranged for those who know their time is limited, offers a unique opportunity for closure and celebration of a life well-lived. Whether for someone facing terminal illness or reaching old age, it provides a chance to reflect on cherished memories, share stories, and express love and gratitude.At Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group, we understand the importance of honouring life in all its stages. Visit our website at to learn more and get in touch with one of our branches nearest to you.#livingfuneral #celebratinglife #closure #gratitude #sonjasmithelitefuneralgroup #cherishedmemories #lifewelllived #familybonding #commemoration #farewell ... See MoreSee Less
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