“When someone you love
becomes a memory,
the memory becomes a treasure…”

Why Sonja Smith?

The velvet touch. We take care of you and your loved ones during the difficult times.
At Sonja Smith Funeral Group, we offer Personalised Funeral Services, walking the extra mile for our bereaved families.



What happens to your Facebook when you die? Who will manage your online life when you’re gone? Where are your passwords kept?


Baby loss

Parents who endure the death of a child at any point during the pregnancy, who suffered miscarriage or stillbirth, deserve the right to bury or cremate their babies.

When you lose a baby, you lose part of you – you lose the dreams you have for the baby, you lose your future!

It should not be judged as anything less than a loss…

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(So maak ‘n mens mos ‘n verskil! Coenie de Villiers)

Goeiemôre, Ek wil net namens my, Elsa en ons familie baie dankie sê vir die uitsonderlike professionaliteit en bekwaamheid waarmee die reëlings rondom my ma se roudiens hanteer is. Alles het see…
Maritha Broschk
5 days ago
North Brisbane Psychologists

Sometimes primary loss creates secondary losses. Also applicable to other forms of grief, like loss of a job, loss of a lover or friend, or any major transition that involves painful letting go. Big ... See more

5 days ago
One Fit Widow

“It’s hard not to say goodbye in person to YOUR person. The one you love more than anything or anyone else.”


Nearly ten years ago I was given exclusive membership to one of the world’s crappiest clubs.

October 9th, 2009 – the day I went from being half of M & M, Mrs. Michelle Steinke, and the wife of ... See more

5 days ago
One Fit Widow

You know who you are. 👏👏❤️❤️

6 days ago
Wees voorbereid vir ’n ouer se skielike afsterwe

Sê ons ook mos! Maak seker al jou belangrike persoonlike dokumente is bymekaar en beskikbaar op ‘n veilige plek: My Lewenslêer! Laai vandag nog die Inhoudsopgawe af by ... See more

Wanneer ’n ouer of lewensmaat sterf, is daar nie net al die hartseer nie, maar ook kwessies ten opsigte van boedels en koste wat aandag moet kry. Maak seker jy en jou gade, ouer of kind is toegerus ... See more

1 week ago

When someone is struggling with a physical illness, we say: “You need to go to the doctor, it is only getting worse.” When someone is struggling with a mental illness, we say: “You need to stop ... See more

1 week ago

Will your next-of-kin know where to find your Last Will and Testament? Download your Life File Index today and file all your important documents in one place! ... See more

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