“When someone you love
becomes a memory,
the memory becomes a treasure…”

Why Sonja Smith?

The velvet touch. We take care of you and your loved ones during the difficult times.
At Sonja Smith Funeral Group, we offer Personalised Funeral Services, walking the extra mile for our bereaved families.



What happens to your Facebook when you die? Who will manage your online life when you’re gone? Where are your passwords kept?


Baby loss

Parents who endure the death of a child at any point during the pregnancy, who suffered miscarriage or stillbirth, deserve the right to bury or cremate their babies.

When you lose a baby, you lose part of you – you lose the dreams you have for the baby, you lose your future!

It should not be judged as anything less than a loss…

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(So maak ‘n mens mos ‘n verskil! Coenie de Villiers)

Goeiemôre, Ek wil net namens my, Elsa en ons familie baie dankie sê vir die uitsonderlike professionaliteit en bekwaamheid waarmee die reëlings rondom my ma se roudiens hanteer is. Alles het see…
Maritha Broschk
4 days ago
My Bereavement Companion

A loss of self is a grief that deserves to be mourned.
Credit: Grief to glorious unfolding.

4 days ago
The Ugly Shoes Club

Dear Grief,
I don't know who I am any more. I don't recognize myself. I wonder what face I will put on today.

The Masks of Grief ~ Art by Juliana Kolesova

5 days ago
Photos from Sonja Smith Funeral Group (Pty) Ltd's post

Women@Breakfast morning with Lynette Beer! Treating our Sonja Smith Funeral Group HO & branches ladies staff. Thank you for your hard work & dedication. Tanya de Wet, ons mis jou! Sterkte met jou ... See more

5 days ago
Refuge In Grief

No matter how your short-term memory worked before your loss, it has likely changed in your grief. It's as if remembering all of life's little details are "extra" expenses, and your mind can't afford ... See more

6 days ago
Prioritizing Self-Care While Grieving - Compassionate Friends

Good advice! 🌹


In the middle of grief, self-care often falls to the bottom of the priority list. With arrangements to be made, bills to pay and a void to fill, we busy ourselves with tasks. Distracting ourselves ... See more

6 days ago
Groot FM 90.5

Inspirasie vir vandag! Welgedaan aan almal betrokke by hierdie mooi verhaal... ‘n Storie van HOOP!!

Toe die Woeries vanoggend 10 uur op die skool se aantreeblad bymekaar kom, het niemand geweet wat vir geliefde Juffrou Maretha Kruger (44) voorlê nie... Inteendeel, min mense het tot vandag geweet ... See more

1 week ago

Thank you, Dr Hannetjie Edeling!

So worth thinking about!

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