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In SA, the Births & Deaths Registration Act 51 of 1992 defines Stillbirth as a child that has had at least 26 weeks of intra-uterine existence, but showed no sign of life after complete birth.

Babies who die during the first 26 weeks of gestation, however, are currently being thrown away in red anatomical buckets as batches of common medical waste! Together with amputated arms & legs, tumors and other organs, they are then disposed of in an incinerator.

A miscarried fetus does not have any kind of funeral rights in a hospital, unlike stillborn babies, who died after 26 weeks of gestation.

Parents who endure the death of a child at any point during the pregnancy, who suffered miscarriage or stillbirth, deserve the right to bury or cremate their babies.

When you lose a baby, you lose part of you – you lose the dreams you have for the baby, you lose your future!

It should not be judged as anything less than a loss…

We want parents to have a choice with regards to the final disposition of the little bodies of their babies born still before 26 weeks of gestation.

All donations welcome. We value your support in helping us take the matter to the Courts of SA.

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