Sonja Smith Funeral Group (Pty) Ltd can continue to help and advise you after the funeral. Also see our Boards on Pinterest After the FuneralHow to word Funeral Thank You Cards.

Aside from our expertise in an area of life most people know very little about, we can play a pivotal role in assisting you to grieve in a healthy manner.

CD’s: Conversations on Grief by Braam Klopper are available at our branches. The following CD’s are in stock:

    • Conversations on Grief (Double CD).After-Child_voor_T
    • Conversations on Grief (After the loss of a Child).
    • Gesprekke oor Rou (Dubbel CD).
    • Gesprekke oor Rou na die dood van ‘n Kind.
    • Gesprekke oor Rou na ‘n Stilgeboorte/Miskraam.
    • Gesprekke oor Rou na Selfmoord.

                    Click here About Grief CD’s to view the full range of CD’s currently available..

    • We can put you in touch with The Compassionate Friends
    • TCF is a Support Group for Bereaved Parents who get together once a month for a meeting.
    • Various guest speakers give interesting talks on relevant topics.
    • The Butterfly Moms’ Club for Creative Therapy
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Acknowledgement notice

An acknowledgement notice placed in a local or national newspaper is an opportunity for the relatives of the deceased to publicly thank people who have given them support and assistance. We will be happy to help you design this notice and place it in the appropriate newspaper.

After a cremation: What do you do with the ashes of your loved one?

When arranging the funeral, you may not have been sure of the final resting place for the deceased’s ashes. There are a number of options and choices and we can talk through all the possibilities, advise you about local regulations and costs, and discuss any memorial you would like. Many churches have a Wall of Remembrance for the interment of Ashes. Also follow our Pinterest Board What to do with the Ashes of the Deceased.

Burying ashes

People choose to bury ashes for a variety of reasons. For instance, families can then visit the place of burial and put up a memorial at the site, while others place the ashes of more than one family member together. We will make the necessary arrangements with the local authorities on your behalf.

We will be happy to advise on a suitable container for burial as well as any memorial you may require.

You may be able to bury ashes:

  • In a grave
  • In your garden

In each case, we can help by seeking permission from the appropriate authority. When ashes are scattered or buried in a Cemetery or Wall of Remembrance, the appropriate authority may also require the Cremation Certificate provided by the crematorium.

Keeping the ashes

Some people prefer to keep the ashes at home in a casket or urn designed for that purpose. In some cases this is so that when a spouse or partner dies, the remains of both can be scattered or buried together.

ygta_roseAfter cremation, we strongly recommend that you allow time to consider all the options when deciding what you want to do with the ashes. It is important to find a final resting place in order to get closure so that you can move on.

We will hold ashes, without charge, for up to three months following a funeral. However, we regret that we do not have facilities to hold them indefinitely. Please remember that you don’t have to make a decision immediately. We want you to be able to do what is right for you and your family and our staff will be pleased to discuss all the options with you.

If you would like details of memorials or resting places not mentioned, we will assist in any way that we can. For individual advice and guidance contact Sonja Smith Funeral Group (Pty) Ltd using our Branch Locator tool or make an on-line enquiry. 

Scattering ashes

This can be carried out in a number of places.

Some people choose to scatter the ashes, while others place them in a Grave or Wall of Remembrance.

  • In the grounds of the crematorium
  • On a family grave
  • In your garden
  • At a place with fond memories
  • In our Garden of Remembrance
  • In the mountains
  • At sea
  • Abroad

In some cases, permission may be needed from the appropriate authority.

Memorial / Tombstone

Memorial masonry takes many different forms and we can refer you to reputable firms. We can also advise you on local cemetery regulations.

Affairs of the deceased

The funeral is one of the first things to be arranged when a loved one passes away. What follows are the legal, tax and administrative matters concerning the deceased’s affairs and estate, many of which need to be attended to immediately. For full details about how Sonja Smith Funeral Group (Pty) Ltd can help, please visit our Further Support Section.

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Planning ahead

Now is the time to ensure that your affairs are in order. Go to Preplanning.

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