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Elderly Parents And Dementia

By |2021-03-17T10:13:18+02:00March 17th, 2021|Blog, Uncategorized|

Witnessing a parent becoming subject to dementia is one of the hardest things to face as an adult child. Roles are reversed as the former caretakers become dependent on their children; their disability a constant reminder that they won’t be around forever. How adult children cope with an elderly parent’s dementia will very much [...]

What Happens To My Bitcoin When I Die?

By |2021-03-17T09:55:16+02:00March 17th, 2021|Blog, Uncategorized|

As cryptocurrency becomes more popular, investors are starting to worry about what will happen to their Bitcoin investment after they die. While this way of thinking seems to be more relevant to older investors, younger investors also need to document how their Bitcoin will be distributed, should they pass away prematurely in an accident [...]

12 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo at Least Once In Your Life

By |2021-02-25T08:35:08+02:00February 25th, 2021|Blog, Uncategorized|

Solo travel represents independence and freedom, an adventure to be had that cannot wait for someone to go with you. When you think of travelling on your own, what is the first thing that comes to mind – fear or excitement? Travelling opens our eyes to the world around us and different cultures. As [...]

Can I Inherit If I Am Not Formally Adopted?

By |2021-02-18T18:25:21+02:00February 18th, 2021|Blog|

“I have been raised as the only child by parents who are not my biological parents. Although I regard them as my true parents, I was never formally adopted by them. They are both in ill-health and I don't think they have a will. They don't have much, but I am concerned that if [...]

Talking To Loved Ones About Your Final Wishes – A Tough Discussion

By |2021-02-18T17:55:47+02:00February 18th, 2021|Blog|

Talking to your family and loved ones about your end-of-life care and wishes can be daunting as well as traumatic. However, there are significant benefits to having this conversation and continuing it as you get older. This discussion will evolve over time and also become more comfortable. However, you will need to be extremely [...]

Where To Scatter Your Loved One’s Ashes – Some Ideas And Considerations

By |2021-02-22T08:17:04+02:00February 18th, 2021|Blog, Cremations|

Scattering of cremation ashes is most widely-used as it is a simple exercise that can be done practically anywhere. Aside from cremations generally being a more cost-effective option than burials, an increasing number of people are choosing cremation over burial as religious acceptance grows and family traditions fall away. Another social factor for choosing [...]

Should Your Pets Be Included in Your Will?

By |2021-01-21T15:54:53+02:00January 21st, 2021|Blog|

Animal shelters across South Africa are seeing an increase in the number of pets they are accepting, which can be attributed to their owners passing from COVID-19 or simply not being in a position to afford them anymore due to job losses and salary cuts. In South Africa, a certain amount of protection is [...]

The Importance Of Appointing A Guardian In Your Will

By |2021-01-21T11:32:44+02:00January 21st, 2021|Blog|

One of the most important decisions you will need to make as a parent is choosing a suitable guardian for your children in the event that both parents pass away. As difficult as it may be to imagine someone else bringing your child into adulthood and making all the necessary, even life-changing decisions on [...]

Essential Documents To Prepare Before You Die – An Inside Perspective

By |2021-01-21T11:16:34+02:00January 21st, 2021|Blog|

Death does not discriminate, and as Benjamin Franklin pointed out, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” We may not know when we are going to die, but we do know that it will happen, however, there are some fundamental actions that you should carry out before [...]

Powers Of Attorney Vs. Curatorship

By |2021-01-21T11:02:15+02:00January 21st, 2021|Blog|

A POWER OF ATTORNEY is a formal written document setting out the scope of the agent’s authority, which is signed by the principal (grantor). A special power of attorney allows an agent to do one act only. A general power of attorney is a document that consists of a collection of special powers of attorney set [...]

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