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“The journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we must all take.” JRR Tolkien

Loyalty, selfless commitment, and respect are the values I live by.

My name is Wynandt van Wyk. I am a qualified dental technician, a father of two and a family man. I am a devoted father, loving husband, and enjoy playing golf. Covid 19 changed many people’s lives and with the death of a loved one, Sonja Smith came into my life.

I haven’t looked back since.

It is truly an honour to assist grieving families going through an extremely difficult time. I am there to assist with their path to a final farewell.


Benoni Funeral Services

Funeral services and cremation

When a loved one passes away, the family left behind has some serious decisions to make. Will we have a cremation or a burial? Where will we have the service? Where will the body lie as we prepare to say goodbye? Dealing with the death and grief is emotional enough. You don’t need to also be overwhelmed with all of the logistical details. Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group’s franchise office in Benoni is there to provide you with personalised funeral services. We know what a trying time it can be. Our desire is to work with you to create the perfect funeral in line with your and the deceased’s wishes while taking the organisational responsibility from your shoulders. If you are in the East Rand, Kempton Park, Boksburg, Brakpan, Heidelberg, Edenvale, Springs, Nigel, and Germiston areas and need compassionate funeral services, the Benoni franchise office will be there to assist.

A burial or cremation?

Before you decide on a type of service, you often have to choose between the burial or cremation of the body. Whether it is the deceased’s wishes, the family’s personal choice, or the religious observance, we respectfully take care of and prepare the body.

The perfect service

One of the big decisions that needs to be made is the type of service you and the family want to use to say your final goodbyes. We specialise in various unique services:

Living Funerals

Many find the idea of having a living funeral odd. It is, however, a wonderful opportunity to say goodbye, eulogise, and celebrate a life while your loved one is still with you. If you know you don’t have much time left, this type of service can help you help them. It can be an opportunity for your loved ones to prepare for the day that you are no longer there and help them grieve. If you have specific wishes that you do not want a service or memorial after your death, it can also be the perfect opportunity to get together one last time.

Evening Funerals

Funerals have traditionally been held in the morning, but evening funerals are beautiful. The lights are dimmed and candles lit, with many appreciating this custom as a way to remember the deceased. There is a special atmosphere in which people can come to terms with their loss and grief.

Infant and Baby Funerals

The loss of such a small child is particularly difficult to understand. We are keenly aware of how difficult it can be when you have to organise the celebration of a life barely lived. Arranging the funeral can become the final act of caring for your child. We want to help you care for them as best you can.

Personalised Funeral Services

Every life is unique, and that life’s funeral can be too. We will help you personalise the funeral of a loved one whether it is by playing their favourite song, having a specific theme, ensuring particular religious customs are adhered to. We will be there, support you through all of it and make sure your loved one is remembered in a way befitting his/her life.

Religious or Humanist Funeral Services

We are sensitive to how important the funeral rites and practices of different religions are to them. We are also knowledgeable about what is required for a proper funeral for various religions and will have everything done right. If you are not religious, we will ensure that your wishes are respected with a humanist funeral.

Let us know how we can help

When a loved one has passed, you can contact us immediately to assist. We will guide you through what needs to be done, the choices that need to be made. We will also liaise with everyone that needs to be a part of the autopsy (if one is required), cremation, burial, and funeral service so you don’t have to. You will, however, have as much or as little control over the arrangements that need to be made as you wish to have.

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