Welcome to Twenty Nineteen

MY LIFE FILE On this, the last day of Januworry I can truly say the year is on wheels! Not just any wheels, FAST FORWARDING ROLLERBLADES! Did you use the holidays to rest, recharge or get organized? What will happen if you die TODAY? What legacy do you leave? Will your [...]

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About Voice of the Unborn Baby

In SA, the Births & Deaths Registration Act 51 of 1992 defines Stillbirth as a child that has had at least 26 weeks of intra-uterine existence, but showed no sign of life after complete birth. Babies who die during the first 26 weeks of gestation, however, are currently being thrown away in red anatomical buckets [...]

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A Journey of Healing Grace

Our Journey of Healing Grace workshops commenced 2 weeks ago. We took hands with Zelda Language, a Psychologist who experienced the trauma of baby loss herself and invited parents who suffered miscarriage/stillbirth/neonatal baby death to join us on this special journey. Little did I know. A whole new world opened for me! Also enrolled for [...]

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Sonja Smith Funeral Group has set a new ‘trend’ in the funeral profession where people now specifically request an evening funeral for themselves or their loved ones. Our first evening funeral was done with candles and choir music, commencing at 19:00 in the evening in a church where the lights were dimmed to create an ambience that exceeded [...]

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Welcome to my Blog

If you are reading these words because you are planning the funeral of your loved one, it is my sincere wish that you will find some comfort and solace in your dealings with us. Maybe the death of your loved one is sudden and unexpected or maybe you are preparing yourself for saying goodbye to someone that you dearly love. At [...]

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