Funeral traditions around the world

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Death is something all cultures, religions, and people have in common. As in life, however, the traditions that accompany death and the handling of the deceased can differ vastly. From coffins hanging from cliffs to making beads from the ashes of the deceased, these traditions are unique to the cultures and religions they are [...]

What is a Funeral Planner and what do they do?

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When a loved one passes away, people left behind have to say goodbye. You might have to organise a burial or a cremation and if the deceased was religious, a funeral might have to be organised per his or her religious beliefs. What’s more, certain legal aspects need to be seen to and various [...]

How To Decide On A Burial Or A Cremation

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The choice between a burial and a cremation is a very personal one and should ideally be decided on and communicated to your loved ones before your passing. This can be a difficult decision, as it needs to take into consideration your and your family’s personal and religious beliefs, as well as financial situation. [...]

Coping with grief and finding closure during COVID-19

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A reasonable period of grief and a feeling of bereavement when someone close to you dies is, unfortunately, one of the most common and upsetting experiences to face. These feelings usually ease gradually over time as you learn to accept the loss of your loved one. However, some people are unable to move forward [...]

The impact of COVID-19 on our last farewells

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Funerals are rituals that are as old as humanity itself. They are not only an opportunity to show your emotions and to grieve, but they also help to grasp the reality of loss and the meaning that your loved one had in your life. COVID-19 has deprived people of these precious last moments of [...]

Why should I see a doctor?

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You ask yourself "why should I see a doctor?" You’re healthy. You haven’t seen a doctor in years. You look after yourself and you are proud of your self-care. So, what’s wrong with this scenario? While it is wonderful that you are so healthy, what happens if something unforeseen occurs and you suddenly pass [...]

To bury or to cremate? How to say goodbye to a loved one.

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The title of the article is difficult to contemplate.  With all the other emotions you are feeling, dealing with the practicalities of death is unfamiliar and stressful. At Sonja Smith Funeral Group we are often asked about the choice between cremation and burial. We have written this article to explain and highlight some [...]

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