Section 57 Substitution of Debtors under a Bond

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What Is It and How Does It Work? In life, things happen and the outstanding bond you have on a piece of land may need to be transferred to a different individual. This can be for several reasons from owning the property jointly and selling your shares to an individual that passed away and [...]

My partner died but I found love again

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Is it ok? Love is a wonderfully splendid thing and once we have felt it, the joy and pain it can cause, we understand why the poets, lyricists and novelists still write about it today. Life is also not meant to be lived alone. When you find the partner you want to share the [...]

Breast Cancer: Early Detection and Support

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Cancer of any sort can be a devastating condition, not just for the person fighting it, but their family and loved ones too. It can turn your world upside down and suddenly the cancer and the treatment thereof become your main focus. Breast cancer is most prevalent in women, though men do get it [...]

After a parent dies, is the surviving spouse still liable for school fees even if there is no money in the estate?

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When a spouse dies it is never an easy process and there are suddenly a great number of things that need to be addressed in addition to dealing with the grieving process. Being married in or out of community of property becomes applicable, whether the deceased spouse has a will or not is also [...]

How to help your family in the event of your passing – a legal perspective

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When a loved one passes, chaos often ensues – emotional chaos if not anything else. Added to that stress is the handling of the deceased estate and all the legalities of seeing to it. If the family that is left behind doesn’t know where to find the deceased’s paperwork, the last will and testament, [...]

A living funeral – why should you consider one

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Death is often a taboo subject to speak about, especially if a loved one has become terminally ill or is in his/her old age and growing frailer by the day.  Talking about the fact that the person will pass is, for some reason, unacceptable. During the funeral, we come together to grieve, cry, and [...]

How does POPI affect the administration of a deceased estate?

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The POPI Act is legislation that has been put into place to protect the personal information processed by public and private bodies. To date, 66% of countries worldwide now have legislation to this effect, with a further 10% having draft legislation according to UNCTAD. Not only is South Africa concerned with data safety, but [...]

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