We at AED Attorneys are a Family who have compassion for our clients, and we are a dedicated team that would like to guide and assist you and your family during this difficult time.

AED Attorneys understand that dealing with your loved one’s affairs may be complicated and confusing to you.

At AED Attorneys, we render estate administration services to any person who has nominated us as executors in their Last Will and Testament, or where the deceased did not leave a valid will (died intestate). We also act as agents in the case of a non-professional executor having been appointed.

When a person passes away there are certain processes and formalities that need to be followed:

• Reporting the estate to the Master of the High Court, who appoints a representative to deal with the deceased affairs. – An Executor;
• Communicating with all debtors and creditors;
• Taking control, protecting and transferring of all assets (house, car, bank accounts);
• Dealing with SARS, lodge the final income tax returns;
• Paying all debts and administration expenses;
• Drafting and submitting the Liquidation and Distribution Account (account which reflect all the assets and liabilities and also the proposed distribution to the beneficiaries.

The whole administration process is supervised and validated by the Master of the High Court, who also performs a judicial function. i.e. deals with any objection lodged against the Liquidation and Distribution Account/ any contestation made against a will.

We at AED Attorneys will ensure that your hard-earned legacy will be well taken care of. We pride ourselves by being Diverse and Innovative by simplifying the process of Estates Administration by engaging with and keeping our clients informed. With trust and respect, AED Attorneys will stand by you and your family throughout your time of need, creating a valued partnership for life.

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