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Sondagaand, 22 Desember 2013 om 18:30 op SABC2 Fokus, is die program oor Alzheimer’s se siekte en die effek van Multi-sensoriese kamers uitgesaai. Hier is Karin D’orville, Spesialis-Regisseur besig om ‘n onderhoud met my te voer.

I am truly honoured to feature in a MAJOR JOURNALISM PROJECT EXPLORING THE WORLD OF DEMENTIA by Rachael Heslehurst, United Kingdom.

It was such a privilege to be one of ten people that she interviewed in SA.

Rachael did a study on people who have been affected by dementia in the UK. She was then sent to South Africa to cover stories for the One World Media Project.

“I chose dementia because I had been researching it for a while in the UK. It’s almost a taboo subject – it’s something people don’t usually talk about. People know about cancer and AIDS and HIV – but do they know much about dementia? It’s a disease which is ruining just as many lives and needs just as much research. It’s something which is a global issue – as more and more people get older; the risks of developing conditions such as dementia are higher.”

Thank you to Denise Fredericks from Alzheimer’s SA who facilitated Rachael’s interviews.

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