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Current legislation in South Africa about the viability of life: All babies born before 26 weeks of gestation are being treated as medical waste.

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KYKNET Kwêla (Terese Benade)   Profile

“Só maak ‘n mens mos ‘n verskil!” Coenie de Villiers

SABC2 Fokus (Karen D’Orville) Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

In Multi-Sensory Rooms, long-forgotten memories of Alzheimer’s sufferers are stimulated.

NPO, Voice of the Unborn Child (Baby) challenging country’s medical waste laws

The organisation wants parents to be given the right to bury their children with dignity. Currently, babies born before 26 weeks of gestation are not considered as legal beings.

eNuus Alzheimer’s Disease – Multi-Sensory Rooms

A new concept in caring for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease introduced to the elderly in Pretoria by Sonja Smith.

Careerspace Video Shoot

We did a video-shoot with CareerSpace to showcase the career of a Funeral Director to learners looking to find out more about job- & career opportunities within the South African economy.

SABC2 Issues of Faith (Dust To Dust) Green Funerals

In this broadcast, covering the funeral rituals of various cultures and religions in South Africa, Sonja Smith, MD of Sonja Smith Funeral Group (Pty) Ltd is featured talking about Green Funerals.

SABC News Repatriaton of the EBO 4

Sonja Smith Funeral Group assisted the Heritage Foundation to return the human remains of fallen South African Soldiers from Angola.