Making funeral arrangements can be a difficult task and we can support you by taking care of all the practical arrangements.

Sonja Smith Funeral Group (Pty) Ltd offers a high level of dedicated funeral care, advising you of all your options and choices and seeing that the funeral arrangements are made in accordance with your wishes, and those of the Deceased.

The days following the death of a loved one will challenge you emotionally and mentally, with many more decisions to be made. Trust that you and your family will be taken care of.

We are specialists with a wealth of experience in caring for the Deceased person, your family, and the legal requirements at this time. My team and I will ensure that whenever possible, your wishes are met, and we may have very useful suggestions that you may not have considered. Funeral arrangements are very personal; some people choose a simple funeral whilst others prefer a more elaborate service.

“We help to make sure that every funeral we arrange is a meaningful experience that will be remembered.”

My role as your Funeral Director is to represent you and your family with absolute integrity, respect and discretion at all times. We will help you to honour and cherish a life well lived –  and at the same time help make the lives of those left behind a little easier.

Thank you for your trust in us.


How Can We Help You?

We’re available 24 hours a day to provide help, care and support. Contact Sonja Smith Funeral Group (Pty) Ltd using our branch finder tool or make an online enquiry.

When someone dies it is important to contact your Funeral Director so that they can arrange for the Deceased to be taken into their care.

When you contact Sonja Smith Funeral Group (Pty) Ltd, we will ask you some personal details about the Person who has died. We will also inform you where the Deceased will be rested before the funeral. (This will be at one of our branches.)

Sonja Smith Funeral Group (Pty) Ltd is the ONLY FUNERAL HOME IN CENTURION authorised to have mortuary/coldroom facilities on the premises. You can contact us at any time of the day or night, every day of the year.

Your Funeral Planner will request a suitable time to meet with you. You can meet at one of our branches or, if you prefer, at your residence or somewhere else such as a friend’s house.

When you meet the Funeral Planner, we will be able to advise you on what to do next, take care of all the necessary funeral arrangements and explain, in detail, the procedure for registering the death.

The decision of whether or not anyone is to visit the Deceased is a personal one.

Many people take comfort from seeing the Deceased at rest and private viewing rooms are available at some of our branches, or you may wish to have the Deceased at your own home.

For further information, help or advice contact one of our branches using our Branch Locator tool or make an online enquiry.

When planning a funeral, it is important that the person making the arrangements can give instructions and make decisions regarding the funeral details. This person will also be responsible for arranging payment for the funeral.

You can benefit from financial advice and a team of experts who can make all the necessary arrangements to finalise the Deceased Estate.
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Planning a Funeral

You may make funeral arrangements at your home, our funeral home or another location, such as a solicitor’s office or a friend’s home.

When arranging a funeral you will need to make early decisions about:

  • Whether it will be a burial or cremation
  • Where the funeral will take place (church, chapel, graveside, elsewhere)

We will then liaise with the necessary parties to agree on a day, date and time for the service, to meet your requirements.

“My team and I will ensure that whenever possible, your wishes are met, and we may have very useful suggestions that you may not have considered. We have experience in arranging funerals across all religions and cultures.”

  • The full name, address and ID-number of the Deceased.
  • The location where the Deceased is resting.
  • The name and contact details of the Medical Doctor who last treated the Deceased.
  • Whether a Notification of Death (BI1663) or Death Certificate has been issued.
  • Whether the funeral will be a religious or non-religious (humanist) ceremony.
  • Full details of your wishes regarding the services of a minister will be needed, if required.
  • Arranging the funeral provides an opportunity to create a unique commemoration to the Deceased and we will spend time helping you to do this.
Our qualified Funeral Planners can also help to explain to you all the elements of designing a fitting tribute, including:

  • Burials
  • Cremations
  • Utilising a Private Crematorium
  • The choice of coffin or casket
  • Dressing the Deceased
  • Viewing Room
  • Registration of Death
  • Repatriation to/from overseas
  • Live Internet transmission of funerals
  • DVD Recordings
  • Bespoke Funeral Programmes
  • Memorial Book
  • Little Fingerprints Pendants (Sterling Silver)
  • Moulds of Hands and/or Feet (Bronze/gold/silver)
  • Organising flowers or donations
  • Chapel of Rest for small, intimate services
  • Catering/Refreshments
  • Writing and placing an obituary
  • The choice of music or poetry for the service
  • Preparing a eulogy
  • Alternatives to religious funerals

We are experienced professionals available to you. Although decisions are yours, you are not alone. Our presence will guide you and support you all the way. Sonja Smith will ensure that you receive the style and quality of service you want.

We will assist you in the completion of all documentation and make all necessary arrangements with the church, chapel, cemetery or crematorium on your behalf. We will then provide confirmation of all the funeral arrangements, together with a detailed estimate of the costs.

If the funeral is to take place abroad, or if your loved one passed away in another country, simply contact us and we can make all the necessary arrangements for you. Sonja Smith Funeral Group is a Registered Importer/Exporter and authorized to repatriate human remains.