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Celebrating a Life

Personalized Funerals

Personalizing a final tribute can be very helpful in trying to make sense of what we cannot control. This section guides you through some of the options.

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Evening Funerals

Sonja Smith Funeral Group has set a new ‘trend’ in the funeral profession where people now specifically request an evening funeral for themselves or their loved ones.

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Baby and Infant Funerals

The death of a loved one is hard to understand at any time but, for many, the loss of a child is incomprehensible.

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Living Funerals

A living funeral is a gathering centered on someone who will soon die. Also called a pre-funeral, or in Japan; a Seizenso.

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Maritha Broschk

uitsonderlike professionaliteit en bekwaamheid waarmee die reëlings rondom my ma se roudiens hanteer is.

Goeiemôre, Ek wil net namens my, Elsa en ons familie baie dankie sê vir die

Gerard en Mariana

Baie dankie vir al die hulp, goeie diens en empatie wat ons ontvang het

met die heengaan van my man en ons pappa.

Audrey van Vuuren

I didn’t use you for my dear Gran’s funeral! Went to Doves in Edenvale – awful service, no empathy,

I almost told them what to do. Have come into your office to get information for a plague –

what a breath of fresh air! So friendly

Well, what can I say: Have heard wonderful things about your service – so sorry

Elise Pretorius

Dankie, vir julle diens. Dit was verblydend om met mense soos julle te werk.

Leone Lindeque

gehelp en gelei sal altyd by my bly. Dit was ‘n vertroosting en een van baie genades. Dankie, vir almal van julle.

Die simpatieke en professionele manier waarop julle my deur baie moeilike omstandighede

Marlene Lombard

Dankie vir Rudi se professionele manier an die hantering van die begrafnisdiens.

Ook dankie aan Soekie vir die reëlings en vriendelikheid. God Bless.

Baie dankie vir die wonderlike manier waarop julle ons as familie ondersteun en gehelp het.

Kitty, Dave en Andre Malherbe

Dave sou gesê het: “Well done my klein Vroutjie, ek is tevrede”. Vir Sanette in die besonder…

jy is ‘n wonderlike persoon met baie deernis en simpatie en het ons tuis laat voel van die eerste oomblik af.

Ek sal julle ten alle tye aanbeveel.

'n Opregte Groot Dankie, vir die uiters professionele, simpatieke optrede en liefde wat ons van julle

Erna van Greunen

gedoen as wat ons verwag het. Baie dankie veral aan Sanette vir haar uiters professionele hulp.

Vreeslik baie, baie dankie vir die wonderlike diens wat julle aan ons gelewer het. Julle het soveel meer

Bertha Joubert en familie

Dankie, vir ‘n baie professionele hantering van ons groot hartseer. Groete,

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11 hours ago

Please support this noble Cause. 👣

Please help us to provide support to other premature babies and families!!!

12 hours ago

It’s something we don’t talk about. The D-word. However, some well-considered organising while you’re alive will give you peace of mind. It will also help the people you leave behind ... See more

1 day ago
Sonja Smith Funeral Group

A time for gratitude and reflection

The Covid-19 lockdown has given us a rare opportunity to slow down and to focus on what is important in life. We are reminded that family, friends and ... See more

2 days ago

“Make no mistake.

When loved ones are removed from your home by ambulance because the virus has hit them hard, you are not going to be able to follow them there, sit by their hospital bed and hold ... See more

2 days ago

Important information! 😷

COVID - 19 is a reality, forcing the entire Health Care System and -market to unavoidably pivot, change direction and take on a new course. This nullify all traditional approaches and not only ... See more

2 days ago
Burials without funerals, grief without hugs: Coronavirus is changing how we say goodbye

“... the new reality, one that pits tradition and emotion against a pandemic.

The pandemic is ... See more

Gone are public funerals filled with mourners who cry, laugh, linger and reminisce. Technology is helping to fill the void, though never completely.

3 days ago

What if you were to die today?

Will you leave chaos, confusion and havoc behind? Will your family know where to find your Last Will and Testament? Will they be able to make sense of all your ... See more

3 days ago
End of Life Supportive Alliance - ELSA

“If you were unable to respond today, would anyone know what your idea of a gentle death is?

Covid-19 has prompted us to ask who would make life and death decisions for us, if needed.

Do you ... See more

Of you were unable to respond today, would anyone know what your idea of a gentle death is?

Covid-19 has prompted us to ask who would make life and death decisions for us, if needed.

Do you have ... See more

3 days ago

If you are a caregiver or have a loved one living with dementia, here are 10 stimulating activities that you can try at home during this lockdown.

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