Bringing the Deceased into our Care

We’ll take care of it all, from registration of death
to funeral clothing for the deceased

We prepare the deceased for the service requested

At Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group, we care for the mortal remains of your deceased loved one and prepare them for the service you requested. We can handle registration of death, prepare everything for the viewing of the deceased by loved ones and we can dress the deceased in the funeral clothing that you provide. It is more than just preparation, it is caring for the deceased with respect and dignity. The funeral clothing for the deceased is an opportunity to express your loved one’s personality one last time, but equally important are the practical tasks like the registration of death.

Registration of Death

Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group can take the burden of reporting and registering your loved one’s death off your shoulders. We will ensure all forms for registration are correctly completed and finalised as soon as possible to ensure you receive a burial order without which a burial/cremation cannot take place.

To know how the process works, we have some more information for you:

The Birth and Deaths Registration Act requires that a person’s death be reported to any one of the following people:

  • Specific officers at the Department of Home Affairs.
  • South African Police Service members, especially in areas where the Department of Home Affairs has no offices.
  • South African mission, embassy or consulate, if the death occurred abroad.
  • Funeral undertakers who are appointed and recognised by law.

Form DHA-1663 (Notification of death/stillbirth) must be completed when reporting a death. The following people have to complete different sections of this form:

  • The person reporting the death
  • A medical practitioner (where a medical practitioner is not available to complete this form, in rural areas, for example, a traditional leader may complete the form)
  • A Home Affairs official (where an official from the Department of Home Affairs is not available, then a member of the SA Police Service may be approached to complete the form)

A Home Affairs official will also issue burial orders. No burial/cremation may take place unless authorized by way of a burial order (Form BI-14).

Dressing the Deceased

If you wish to bring clothing for your loved one to be dressed in, we will accommodate your wishes as far as possible. If it is impossible due to the nature of the injuries, we will advise you.

You may wish to bring your loved one’s favourite clothes as opposed to a formal suit attire.
Alternatively, we supply a shroud for the deceased to be dressed in.

Viewing the Deceased

The decision of whether or not anyone is to view the Deceased is a personal one.

Many people take comfort from seeing the Deceased at rest and private viewing rooms are available at some of our branches, or you may wish to have the Deceased at your own home.

For further information, help or advice contact one of our offices using our Branch Locator tool or make an online enquiry.

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