Funeral Arrangements and Considerations

Practical Considerations for a Funeral with Respect and Dignity

Consideration when arranging a funeral

There are many things to consider when you arrange a funeral. Who is going to give the eulogy? What will the funeral flowers be? What funeral music are you going to have? At Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group, we want to assist you in any way we can to organise a funeral that affords you and the deceased the respect and dignity you deserve and that you will be proud of. If you have questions about the eulogy, what colour the funeral flowers should be, or whether the funeral songs you have in mind are appropriate or not, we can advise you on it all. The practical arrangements like notices, programmes, seating, etc, is something you don’t need to worry about, we’ll take care of it. We’ve provided some general advice on a eulogy, the funeral flowers, funeral songs, and more here.

Coffins and Caskets

Choosing a coffin or casket is a very distressing task, and our staff are trained to deal sensitively with this aspect of arranging a funeral. We offer traditional caskets and coffins, but we also have natural woven coffins.

½-view Midrange
½-view Midrange
Flat lid Dutch
Natural wicker caskets and coffins
Seagrass coffin

Funeral Flowers

Flowers can speak where there are no words. We offer a selection of bouquets, wreaths and coffin sprays.

We will ask you about the choice of colour you prefer for floral tributes. If your loved one left behind instructions about the type of flowers or colours they would like at their funeral, we can accommodate that too.

Our florist can do unique designs for your personalised funeral service, and you can choose alternative colours and flowers for the arrangements shown. Church arrangements are normally a standard size, but you may wish to have a combination of two or three arrangements. When ordering flowers, it is advisable to give as much notice as possible.

Funeral Programmes

A Funeral Programme is a very personal item. It becomes a keepsake that reminds the funeral attendees of their last farewell to a loved one, family member or friend. Take your time, bring your photos and let us help you compile a special tribute.


A public notice of a loved one’s death can be placed in a local newspaper or online. These notices help you inform people of the deceased passing. This is especially true for people with whom the next of kin might not have contact. If you want to place a notice in a newspaper or online, but you are unsure how to write it, what to say, or where to place it, we can assist with suggestions.


Music, much like flowers, has a language all its own and can help us express things we cannot otherwise say. It can be an integral part of a funeral service and the selection of funeral songs is quite important.

Whether the funeral service is religious or not, we can suggest a list of appropriate funeral music. If you have specific songs you wish to play because they are significant for those attending the funeral or because they were cherished by the deceased, we can ensure that those songs are played at the service.


A eulogy can be given by a family, friend, or colleague during the funeral service. One or more eulogies from the family are usually also printed in the programme provided to the funeral attendees on the day. They are a significant final goodbye and can also be very cathartic for the person giving one, reading one during the funeral, or writing one for the programme.

Dressing the Deceased

If you wish to bring clothing for your loved one to be dressed in, we will accommodate your wishes as far as possible. If it is impossible due to the nature of the injuries, we will advise you.

You may wish to bring your loved one’s favourite clothes as opposed to a formal suit attire.

Alternatively, we supply a shroud for the deceased to be dressed in.

Other Practical Arrangements

There are various other practical arrangements that need to be made for a funeral service. Seats are often reserved for the direct family members at the front of the seating area. It is also usual to have refreshments ready for the funeral attendees after the funeral. You need to make sure the appropriate sound system is available, especially if the service is not held in a traditional location. If you have a small committal, it needs to be communicated if it is open to all funeral attendees or just direct family. If you have someone reading a eulogy on behalf of the family, it needs to be organised with that person.

At Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group, we will make sure that all of these arrangements are made to your satisfaction. If you want to make some of them yourself (like asking someone to read the eulogy) you can just indicate which ones you would like assistance with, and we will work with you to complete all the arrangements.

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