Information Needed by the Funeral Director

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A funeral undertaker, funeral director, or mortician (all different names for the same person) is the main person that will be there to assist you in moving and preparing the mortal remains of the deceased for burial or cremation. The mortician/funeral director assisting you will also be there to help you with all the funeral arrangements that need to be made. We can take over the arrangements completely or just assist where you wish us to. Arranging the funeral provides an opportunity to create a unique commemoration of the Deceased and we will spend time helping you to do this.

What We Need To Know

  • The full name, address and ID number of the Deceased.
  • The location where the Deceased is resting.
  • The name and contact details of the Medical Doctor who last treated the Deceased.
  • Whether a Notification of Death (BI1663) or Death Certificate has been issued.
  • Whether the funeral will be a religious or non-religious (humanist) ceremony.
  • Details of the Minister of Religion (name & tel. no.).
  • Date and time preferred for the funeral service.
  • Name and address of Church/Chapel.
  • Details of Cemetery (if applicable)
  • Hymns (normally 2)
  • List of Bearers (normally 6 bearers per adult)
  • Special Requests, e.g. photos, CDs, DVDs, floral tributes, clothing, etc.

If there are any funeral policies, the following information will be required:

  • ID-document of Deceased
  • ID-document of Claimant
  • Original Policy Contracts
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Care, compassion, and dignity.

As funeral directors, we know exactly what documents you require and procedures you need to follow after a loved one’s passing. We also have extensive experience in assisting loved ones with the funeral arrangements that need to follow. From the basic arrangements that are required to small touches for a personalised service to unique funeral options, we have various suggestions of things you might not have thought of or might forget in your moments of grief.
We are here to ensure that it is a funeral organised and held with care, compassion, and dignity.

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