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Burials with Respect and Compassion

The choice between burying or cremating your deceased loved one is often a very personal one. Decisions may be influenced by family, tradition, religion or the wishes of the person who has died. If you do decide on a burial, questions like coffin or casket, casket price, will it be an open or closed casket service, need to be asked. At Sonja Smith Elite Funeral Group, we will be there to support you through all the options and choices. Caskets or coffins, we’ll help you select the right one. We’ll make sure you know the casket price or any personal financial implications. And we will ensure it is a burial executed with respect and compassion.

In South Africa, a burial is likely to be in a local authority/private cemetery. Subject to local regulations and availability, one of the many choices you have is between using a new or existing grave that belongs to your family.

Existing Graves

You do have the option of using a grave that is already in existence where, perhaps, another family member has been buried. This could be because the deceased wished to be buried with his/her spouse, or for any number of reasons.

In this case, we will need the title deed of the grave or the grave number and details of the cemetery. If these aren’t in your possession, we can help you locate them. We will also need to check that there is space for further burials. A document must be signed by a family member at the cemetery office, in order to give permission for the reopening of the grave.

New Graves

When purchasing a new grave, one must take into account that some cemeteries now make provision for up to three persons that can be buried in one grave. Not all sections in the cemeteries make provision for full monuments (tombstones) afterwards, and it is a trend that lawns over graves are very popular where only headstones are permitted.
The lawns are maintained by the local authorities and maintenance costs for family members are reduced.

Burial Fees

There may be fees for:

  • Purchasing a new grave
  • Opening or reopening the grave
  • Removal & replacement of existing memorial stones (Tombstones)
  • We will advise you on the local charges as it varies from area to area.

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