A Journey of Healing Grace

A Journey of Healing Grace

Our Journey of Healing Grace workshops commenced 2 weeks ago. We took hands with Zelda Language, a Psychologist who experienced the trauma of baby loss herself and invited parents who suffered miscarriage/stillbirth/neonatal baby death to join us on this special journey.

Little did I know. A whole new world opened for me! Also enrolled for the workshop, were 2 mommies who had to terminate their pregnancies due to medical reasons. In the one case, it was a matter of life & death – it was either the mommy’s life, or the baby.

It broke my heart to see how these incidents impacted on their lives –  not only the devastated mommies & daddies, but also the grandparents. Not only do they have to live with their own sorrow, but they also carry the grief of their children. In both cases they will never be able to fall pregnant again.

As we listened to their life stories, it was evident that there is a huge lack of training & communication in hospitals where pregnancies are being terminated for heartbreaking reasons or mothers are giving birth to stillborn children.

If you or anybody you know lost a baby during any stage of pregnancy, send me an e-mail to babyloss@ssfg.co.za. We will get in touch with you – you need not walk alone.

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