An Open Letter to My Soulmate and Co-Parent Who Left Too Soon

An Open Letter to My Soulmate and Co-Parent Who Left Too Soon

My Love,

It’s been a while since you left, and every day is tough. The memories and emotions are overwhelming. But, one thing remains constant, the love that binds us, it goes beyond time and space.

As I’m writing this letter, it brings back a lot of emotions, memories, and it feels overwhelming how much I’m responsible for now. You left a hole that no words can fill or describe and the sorrow runs deep. But, I still feel hopeful, there’s a light that gets me through the darkness.

Our kids are growing so fast, and they remind me of you every day. They ask about you often, and I don’t know how to explain the unexplainable to them. How do I fill the void you left?

It’s tough to think about you being gone, but I always remember your love, spirit, and strength. You’re not around physically, but we still feel your presence in every corner of our home and in our hearts. You’re in our kids, in the memories we cherish, and in the lessons you taught us.

Sometimes, I feel really down, but when I close my eyes, I can feel your warmth and hear your voice, and it makes me feel better. Even though you’re not here, you’re still guiding us, comforting us, and loving us from afar.

The future is uncertain, and we will face challenges we never imagined. But, we will get through it. I will remind our kids of all the beautiful moments we shared, and the love that binds us together. I will teach them to find solace in memories, find strength in adversity, and embrace life with courage and resilience.

You’re not truly gone. We miss you deeply, cherish you profoundly, and will love you forever. Your love carries us, your memory inspires us, and your spirit encourages us. We’ll always remember the impact you made on our lives, and you’ll remain in our hearts forever.

Until we meet again, know that you’re missed.