Healing Activities

Healing Activities

Healing Activities

Grieving is an important part of life. After a serious loss, it is the process through which we recognise that loss and allow ourselves to feel the mass of emotions including sadness and anger. As important as this stage is, when we get beyond it, it is equally important to start taking care of ourselves again and heal from the pain and loss we feel. Even throughout our healing process, the grief will come back now and then. Allow yourself to feel it and work through it. It will become easier to deal with. Lean into these healing activities to help you. Find a healing activity combination that works for you, we just have a couple of suggestions to help you along the way.

Have good sleeping habits

While we grieve, it is normal to want to sleep more than normal. It can help you grieve, and the additional rest can physically help your body process the emotions streaming through it. It is very important to get back to a normal sleeping pattern though. Getting too much sleep can negatively affect your health and is associated with heart disease, depression, headaches and more. A normal pattern will have the opposite effect to help you improve your health. Knowing your chronotype (your body’s natural 24-hour clock) will help you get into the optimal sleeping pattern for you.


The effects of exercise are well known. We need to make it clear though, that getting exercise is a great way to keep in shape, get your blood circulating, and release hormones that help make you feel more positive.

There are so many different types of exercise to choose from. If you don’t enjoy getting up early to go for a run, then don’t do it. If joining a gym is just going to be a waste of time for you, then don’t do that either. Your exercise could be as simple as taking 20 minutes somewhere in your day to focus on stretching out all the muscles in your body, walk around the block after work, or just to your car and back during your lunch break.

Find the level and type of exercise that you can manage regularly and go from there.

Head outdoors

We’ve already mentioned taking a walk around your block, but with heading outdoors we have a slightly different focus in mind. Taking the time to get some sun and fresh air daily is a short and easy activity to help lift your spirits. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, fresh air can help alleviate those feelings and clear your mind. Sunlight produces vitamin D and also promotes good mental health. Take your morning coffee and sit outside, have lunch outdoors, or just take 5 minutes somewhere in your day to step outdoors. What if it is raining, you ask? Chances are the rain will let up somewhere during the day and you can still enjoy a cup of coffee in fresh air made all the more crisp by cleansing rain. If it doesn’t stop for a while, open a window where it won’t rain in and close your eyes while you listen to the rain falling.

Get a hobby

Starting a hobby you have always wanted to try, or one you stopped doing for a while, can be just the thing help get you back into normal life. If your new hobby is to start exercising – you’re achieving two goals with one activity. But you can do anything that helps you calm down and have some me-time. Start reading again, try your hand at painting, play some video games, or cook those recipes you always wanted to.

See your friends

Seeing your friends is one of the best ways to stay connected with your reality. Once you feel up to it, take the time to connect with the friends that have a positive influence on your life. Allow them to support you through the tough times and go on the journey of healing with you. It can be good and helpful to have an exercise or hobby buddy.

There are many other healing activities that we didn’t touch on in this blog, including meditation, positive thinking, cutting down on caffeine, maintaining a healthy diet, journaling, etc. The main idea while you are healing is to do your best to maintain a balanced lifestyle in a way that works for you. Work goes on and life goes on around you, so we suggest that you sit down for an hour or two and really take the time to decide what it is you need to help you heal and then focus on those things.